Here is my introductory paragraph to my information report…


Hello fellow people today I will teach you about man made disasters even though I’m not a teacher. Some man made disasters are bush fires, desert fires, hill fires, buildings collapsing and much more but fist remember all man made disasters can be avoided.




“Hello I am Jackson in my group for ORIENTEERING in Macedon was Louis, Will and Pippa”. “It was really really really hard to find even one control.”When we were on our first map number 8 was really hard well we thought it was it was actually in the most obvious spot in the whole in tire map, Our first map took 28 minutes our second map wasn’t too hard we were all over the place, though the second map took 32 minutes, bye.”

Tactile banknotes

Tactile means to touch and feel
Connor, is blind he goes ab sailing and rock climbing he hat to learn cane skills when he was 2 years old. When Connor wants to read he has a special book called a briale he feels dots he can Realate them to words and he was born blind but he is not fully blind he can see what height you are and he can’t see any details and he can see very very short distances. When he goes into a shop he can’t tell the notes so he has to trust people.

Connor is making a stand and said “why does Canada have tactile banknotes why can’t Australia have tactile banknotes” Connor got 57,000 signatures to help him get the tactile banknotes. The governments will makethe next generation of the braille banknotes.

Cyber safety

A lady named Kiera taut us about cyber safety.

To play games sometimes you have to be a certain age

13yrs Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, Minecraft, musically, Twitter, tumbler.

16yrs Dub smash.

17yrs pixel gun 3D.

18yrs YouTube.

if you don’t want to get stalked you checkyour privacy settings and turn off your location setting on all of your apps and on games never ever put your real e mail or full name. especially on Instagram musically and Facebook if you do all this you won’t get stalked and don’t put a photo of anyone on your online account without asking them.